Hike 125 for The Trustees Trustees 125th Anniversary
Hello, hikers! Want a challenge? Look no more: In honor of The Trustees 125th Anniversary, we challenge you to Hike 125 miles of Trustees trails – one mile for each of our 125 years of saving special places. You in?

How it works
Hike 125 miles on a Trustees property from May 21 through December 31 and be eligible for:
  1. Log in to thetrustees.org/hike125 to sign up, create your Hiker Handle, and upload a profile photo.
  2. Go to your favorite Trustees property – or try a new one – pick a trail, and take a hike. Use your favorite fitness or hiking app (like FitBit, MapMyHike, AllTrails, etc.) to track your mileage.
  3. Log your miles on the Hike125 site.
  4. Repeat as often as possible!
Now, breathe in, lace up, and hit the trails.
Thank You!
We will be announcing winners very soon!
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